Joe Biden Investigating Xbox Series X and PS5 Component Shortages

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The United States is experiencing a semiconductor shortage and its gotten the attention of the President of the United States

President Joe Biden (

President of the United States, Joe Biden, signed an executive order on the 25th of February designed to investigate and address the supply chain shortage of semiconductors affecting the country. This executive order launched a 100 day-review of the supply chains in four key US industries : semiconductors, critical minerals, pharmaceuticals, and large capacity-batteries. This 100 day-review aims to address and take progressive action against the issues occurring in the supply chain. Due to the shortage of semiconductors, some United States automobile and electronic industries have halted production.

"We need to make sure these supply chains are secure and reliable" - President Joe Biden

What Exactly is a Semiconductor?

Semiconductors are an essential component in electronics. They are the foundation of many modern-day electronics such as computers, smartphones, and just about any electronic you can imagine. As its name implies, a semiconductor "semi" conducts electricity because it is a type of material that has an electrical resistance which is between the resistance typical of metals and the resistance seen in insulators. It is safe to say the world runs on semiconductors.

How is this Related to Xbox and Playstation 5?

Given that Microsoft and Sony heavily rely on semiconductors for the manufacturing of their flagship gaming consoles; the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5, respectively. The shortage of these semiconductors is making it hard for them to produce gaming consoles for the market. As of right now, Xbox Series X's and Playstation 5's are sold out across the nation. This semiconductor shortage certainly isn't helping Microsoft's and Sony's console inventory problem.

Hopefully this executive order will take care of the supply chain issues affecting the semiconductor market and more people are able to get their hands on Sony's and Microsoft's new flagship gaming consoles.


By Mr. Cat